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“About Us”

2013, that was in our head, we want to survive in the world of photography with faith, was how we started Javas at the first time. Because you are part of us!!! Our family

In the first years, only a few clients who use our services. But we believes, one day we will be flooded with customers, it is by faith. And now in a year after, it’s all come true with effort and hard work. Everything began to change

And we also treat a clients as a friend. We listen and try to fulfill all the wishes of the customer. We not only take pictures, but create a photo has a story, feeling of happiness, love, romance, and beautiful landscape

We love traveling around the world, and we love what we do, we love what client get

We are seeking a photographer as a partner. If you are interested to develop wedding photography, please let us know. Call us : 081932921818